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our fees & terms


Clients are offered a completely flexible arrangement tailored to their needs.

fee structure

Clients are offered a completely flexible arrangement tailored to their needs. This will depend on whether we are acting in a continuing role, such as company secretary; or in a project management role, for example in relation to a transaction. At the outset clear objectives will be agreed along with the scope of services to be provided.

We will agree fixed fees with clients, although, exceptionally, some other basis may be more appropriate.

terms of business

Our relationship with clients will be governed by an engagement letter setting out the scope of services, our responsibilities, the basis of our remuneration and our terms of business.

Where we agree to act as a director or company secretary of a client, the client must ensure that there is a directors’ and officers’ liability insurance policy in place.

Aurelia is not regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority or any other body and will not undertake work for clients that may only be carried on by a practising solicitor or is otherwise subject to regulatory supervision. We will work with the client’s existing or chosen legal advisers, who, in each case will have a direct legal relationship with the client.  We can assist in instructing advisers, but strictly on an agency basis.

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