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about aurelia


Aurelia acts as a trusted adviser to businesses that are developing or undergoing change and helps to manage their legal risks and projects. It draws on the experience of its founder, Rupert Connell.

During his career as a business lawyer, Rupert has acted for companies at all stages of the business cycle, from start-up through growth by acquisition or other means to solvent and insolvent restructuring. He has guided clients through change, particularly in the financial services sector, and helped them in complex litigation. Rupert has worked in-house for a Fortune 500 company, acted as company secretary for the UK members of a large US group and set up subsidiaries and branches for foreign companies, navigating them through regulatory and compliance hoops.


We take the trouble to ensure that we have a detailed appreciation of every client’s business. By this we mean understanding each client’s drivers and objectives, the organisation and its people, its decision making processes and the interests and motivations of stakeholders; not just in relation to a job in hand, but also the reasons for that job and its priority in the overall scheme of things.

Whatever stage of its life cycle your business is at, Aurelia can help but, as our name suggests, our focus is on helping businesses to spread their wings.

“How is the name Aurelia relevant to our business”?

“Aurelia” derives from the Latin “aureus”, meaning golden.

It is also used to describe a chrysalis (deriving from the Greek for golden), the final pre-adult stage in the life cycle of a butterfly, in particular, certain nymphalid butterflies, the chrysalids of which are decorated with fine gilt features.