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about aurelia


Aurelia was founded in 2014 by Rupert Connell to advise businesses that are developing or undergoing change and help manage their legal risks and projects.

Rupert is a practising solicitor who, before setting up Aurelia, was a partner in leading City firms where he acted for companies at all stages of the business cycle, from start-up, through growth by acquisition or other means, to solvent and insolvent restructuring. He has guided clients through change, particularly in the financial services sector, and helped them with fund raising and in complex litigation. Rupert has also worked in-house for a Fortune 500 company, acted as company secretary for UK members of a large foreign-owned group and set up subsidiaries and branches for overseas companies, navigating them through regulatory and compliance hoops.


We take the trouble to ensure that we have a detailed appreciation of every client’s business. By this we mean understanding each client’s drivers and objectives, the organisation and its people, its decision making processes and the interests and motivations of stakeholders; not just in relation to a job in hand, but also the reasons for that job and its priority in the overall scheme of things.

Whatever stage of its life cycle your business is at, Aurelia can help but, as our name suggests, our focus is on helping businesses to spread their wings.

“How is the name Aurelia relevant to our business”?

“Aurelia” derives from the Latin “aureus”, meaning golden.

It is also used to describe a chrysalis (deriving from the Greek for golden), the final pre-adult stage in the life cycle of a butterfly, in particular, certain nymphalid butterflies, the chrysalids of which are decorated with fine gilt features.

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what we do


Aurelia acts for clients that don’t have the business need or budget for their own internal legal counsel. We offer a cost-effective alternative under which clients can benefit from many of the services typically provided by in-house counsel. These include:

business strategy advice;
sharing knowledge and mentoring;
appointing and managing external law firms;
risk management; and
legal advice and project management.

Aurelia helps clients reduce overall legal costs and expenditure. Our fees work out at a fraction of the cost of in-house counsel and we expect our clients to make savings on external legal spend. We help clients to achieve far more for their money.

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legal project management and transaction support

Committing the necessary time to get the best results from legal advisers and other professionals can be a distracting challenge for a company’s management. Misunderstandings and communication difficulties can too easily arise, leading to inefficiencies, delays and the risk of mistakes, particularly if English is not the client’s first language or the instructing managers are unfamiliar with the legal landscape.

Through careful planning, we can facilitate legal projects, whether litigation, corporate transactions or reorganisations, or adapting to changes in regulation or relations with third parties. We help clients understand what is involved in change, looking ahead so that otherwise potentially derailing circumstances are properly addressed and do not lead to failure.

Our help in handling legal projects can reduce the likelihood of undesirable outcomes, not only so far as a particular legal matter or project is concerned, but also for the business and budgets.

Because we understand that external legal advice is expensive, we help clients to get the best from their lawyers without having to cut corners. Our close understanding of our clients and insight into external law firms helps to ensure that legal services are delivered to the highest professional standards, are relevant and are carried out cost effectively and by those with the appropriate specialist skills.

Critically, we aim to reduce the time spent by clients’ senior management in dealing with lawyers and other professionals, while also maximising value for legal spending by getting a job done well, on time, within budget and with a minimum of fuss and distraction.


Hand in hand with legal project management is the need to ensure that proper attention to governance and legal oversight is not overlooked. It is only too easy for companies to fall short of best practice when it comes to corporate housekeeping and compliance: it’s an easy corner to cut, assuming it’s not in a blind spot to begin with.

At some point growing/growth-driven clients will wish to raise capital or have significant transactions with third parties; or their shareholders will want to implement exit strategies. A good or poor governance track record will influence the attitudes of third party investors or buyers and may have a direct and material effect on deal value and terms. Weak governance also increases risk and, no less important, is the need to avoid falling afoul of applicable regulation.

We can work alongside a client’s company secretary or act as company secretary ourselves, attend and arrange board meetings, contribute to business decisions or carry out reviews of clients’ procedures.


Unlike in-house counsel, we do not carry out work that is reserved for practising solicitors, but we are able to offer advice and make practical suggestions for solving many problems or achieving goals that may obviate the need to take external legal advice at all.

Where there is a need for specific external advice, we will help you to ask the right questions and, where necessary, communicate these to outside counsel on your behalf in a way that is fully understood, ensuring that the advice received is useful and represents value for money.

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our fees & terms

fee structure

Clients are offered a completely flexible arrangement tailored to their needs. This will depend on whether we are acting in a continuing role, such as company secretary; or in a project management role, for example in relation to a transaction. At the outset clear objectives will be agreed along with the scope of services to be provided.

We will agree fixed fees with clients, although, exceptionally, some other basis may be more appropriate.

terms of business

Our relationship with clients will be governed by an engagement letter setting out the scope of services, our responsibilities, the basis of our remuneration and our terms of business.

Where we agree to act as a director or company secretary of a client, the client must ensure that there is a directors’ and officers’ liability insurance policy in place.

Aurelia is not regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority or any other body and will not undertake work for clients that may only be carried on by a practising solicitor or is otherwise subject to regulatory supervision. We will work with the client’s existing or chosen legal advisers, who, in each case will have a direct legal relationship with the client.  We can assist in instructing advisers, but strictly on an agency basis.

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contact aurelia


Rupert Connell

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7060 1954